The Problem

Everyday, we hear scores of stories of people not finding important documents they need when they need them. They tell us they feel frustrated and stressed, want to get organized and don't know where to begin.

We hear they want their important life’s information in one place, easy to understand and accessible and in a format that can be updated regularly and simply. Other aging adults share with us the desire to share some of these documents with loved ones. However, often as a result of not being able to find key documents or the emotion that is tied to the documents, the critical organization never happens.

So, the unfortunate result is that, even with the best intentions, many aging adults simply can’t find critical life information and documents when they are needed. The result is not beautiful. The picture is one of drawers and files overflowing with both outdated and confusing documents. And, upon further digging, the very document you were sure was in that bulging drawer is nowhere to be found. Many adults talk openly about feeling overwhelmed that they don’t know where to begin the processes of locating, sorting and discarding.

The Solution

MiLi: My Life’s Important Information is an organized, easy to use Where To Look Book. Each page and corresponding video chapter of the MiLi book has been designed and tested to offer the best way to locate important information in one place so that it is understandable and accessible.

Need help getting started? For You, that help is available NOW!

  • MiLi: The Where to Look Book is the answer.
  • MiLi gets you organized.
  • MiLi provides a well organized notebook and video experience.
  • MiLi features a step by step guided path to organizing, in one place, all of the important documents of YOUR life.
  • MiLi reduces chaos, puts everything at your fingertips and allows you to share, if, and when, you wish, with your loved ones.
  • MiLi is easy to update and keep current.