Sheila Marks has been a spokesperson for 3rd age individuals for over 20 years. Her work with numerous individuals as well as for profit and nonprofit groups has led her to understand that some issues of aging are universal.

As a trained guidance counselor and director of community college programs providing enrichment and lifelong learning opportunities, Sheila heard from 3rd agers that they often need to set different priorities and have things in life more orderly.

Their strong desire to get life’s important elements organized, led Sheila to design MiLi: My Life’s Important Information into an organized, easy to use Where To Look Book.

The more Sheila discussed the problems of getting organized, the more people nodded their heads in agreement. The need to have organized documents in one logical place is a universal issue. The more these concerns were discussed, the more people agreed that they wanted to get their information organized and available at their fingertips. However, most  did not know where to begin.

Each page and corresponding video chapter of the MiLi book has been designed and tested to offer the best way to locate important information in one place so that it is understandable and accessible.

MiLi makes it easy!