• Receive step by step guidance.and tips.
  • Receive MiLi: The Where to Look Book with 12 easy chapters.
  • Individual chapter sections are clearly organized.
  • Material is easy to store and locate.
  • MiLi is comprehensive and understandable.
  • MiLi makes knowing where to look for important information easy.
  • MiLi will guide you through the steps as part of a group, sharing the accomplishments and frustrations, never needing to discuss confidential information.
  • Mili prepares you to share critical information with loved ones.
  • Mili provides a roadmap of how to keep the information current.

What MiLi Users Tell Us

"Before MiLi, our important information was never where we thought it was.

Often we were stressed and frustrated when we could not find something. We would pretty much search everywhere other than the refrigerator for key documents. Then, we brought MiLi into our lives. MiLi got us organized. MiLi puts everything in one place. MiLi guided us through a step by step process and made an overwhelming task easy.

MiLi means that we have not left a mess for our loved ones to figure out. MiLi means we can find what we need when we need it."
Brenda and Howard - Highland Park, Illinois


Table of Contents from the Book

  1. Advisors/Doctors
  2. Automatic Payments/Credit Cards
  3. Banking/Mortgage
  4. Documents
  5. End of Life
  6. Insurance
    1. Auto/Long Term Health Care
    2. Lease/Household
    3. Life Insurance
  7. Investments
  8. Medical
  9. Passwords/User IDs
  10. Pension/Social Security
  11. Tax Returns/Trusts/Wills
  12. Sharing with Loved Ones